Playstation is a brand name constituting a series of gaming consoles under Sony Computer Entertainment. The Playstation series begun with the introduction of the original Playstation console in 1994; the brand is currently home to four consoles, complimented by online services, special controllers, a media center and even magazine publications.
Playstation has created and broken many records over the years, its original home console being the first to ship one hundred million units. The second console under the brand, the Playstation2 is the most successful home video game console today with an impressive 155 million units sold since its release in 2000.
With the Playstation3 having sold 80 million units since its 2003 release, and the Playstation4 enjoying the position of fastest selling console in history-having sold a million units within the first 24 hours of its release- Playstation seems set to dominate the gaming industry for years to come.
Playstation has also dabbled in handheld devices, one of its most successful products being the Playstation Portable (PSP), which has sold over 80 million units. PSN Code Generator is free tool to get some psn codes in no time.
Its predecessor, the PlayStation Vita, was released in 2012 and enjoys relative success; additional products that have come out of the PlayStation brand include PlayStation TV, the PSX digital video recorder (integrated into the first and second PlayStation consoles), Sony Bravia television sets with integrated Playstation2 systems and its highly popular DualShock controllers (popular for their vibration-feedback capabilities).
PlayStation has also crafted a pretty extensive online service including a store, through which users can access various multimedia products, and a social gaming network boasting over 31 million users globally.
PlayStation has also expanded its reach to mobile platforms, its software framework (PlayStation Mobile) allowing users to make use of mobile devices to access PlayStation content.
PlayStation has integrated social networking facets into the workings of the PlayStation Vita using 7th generation products such as LiveArea (a touch screen user interface).
Through Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, PlayStation has generated various first party titles and related first party games to complement them, with the brand continuing to expand its reach via various media platforms.
+The creation and expansion of the PlayStation brand is often imputed to Ken Kutaragi; initially purposed as a joint undertaking between Sony and Nintendo (aiming to produce a Super Famicom based CD-ROM system), the console’s origins can be traced back to 1988.
The partnership eventually disintegrated following conflicts between Sony and Nintendo regarding the sharing of revenue, with Nintendo then choosing to pursue a similar project with Phillips.
Ken Kutaragi was assimilated into PlayStation by then Sony President Norio Ohgo who, infuriated by Nintendo’s actions, charged Ken with bringing PlayStation to life.
Kutaragi would suffer numerous obstacles from both internal and external sources in an attempt to bring his idea, utilizing his proprietary CD-DOM system alongside 3D graphics, to fruition, a task that saw his project shifted to the Sony Music entity in an attempt to retain its viability and allow Ken to work without interference.

Supreme fruit slicing game in the world! Fruit Ninja!

We all have experience in slicing the fruit at home with the knife and eating it for self. Here is a game which will rejoice you by giving you an option to slice the fruit with blade via touch screen. “Fruit Ninja” is the game which is a very old and still have fans for the same. Official fan page of “Fruit Ninja” game has more than million likes. Now you know how popular and entertaining this game is. This game is admired a lot as it is supported in numerous platforms and also has 2D-3D versions of game play released.
Leader boards and multiplayer are the two modes available in the game. Classic mode of game play allows player to slice the fruits that are thrown in the air with the help of blade controlled via touch screen. Across all platforms “Fruit Ninja” has a record of more than 350 million downloads. Bonus points will be awarded to the players on slicing multiple fruits with single swipe. Players should slice all the fruits thrown in the air. There are total of 3 lives available for the player. Missing to slice one fruit will lose one life for the player.  If the player continuously slices more than 20 fruits then extra lives will be provided to continue the game.
There is one more advantage in the game that is players can make use of multiple fingers to swipe on the touch screen to slice the fruits. Bombs are thrown in air occasionally. Players should not slice the bomb; if the bomb is sliced by the player then the game ends irrespective of lives still in hand. Zen mode and Arcade mode are also available in the game. In Zen mode players are allowed to slice the fruits for one min 30 seconds in order to attain highest score. Arcade mode is very interesting in the game. In Arcade mode players are allowed to slice the fruits only for 60 seconds to achieve high score. In between special bananas with special offers are thrown in the air. Special offers of bananas are for doubling the points for limited time, increasing the number of fruits thrown in the air, freezing the display for limited time etc. Bombs are no exception in any mode on slicing which the game ends or gives the negative point for the player.
In classic mode and arcade mode special pomegranates are thrown in the air to slice. On slicing this pomegranate extra points are gained by the players. There is one more interesting matter in Zen mode. Peach fruit is thrown in the air where on slicing the fruit player gets 2 extra seconds to increase his score. Multiplayer game mode is also supported on IOS platform. Players can have a tough completion in multiplayer game mode. In this mode main player’s blade is highlighted in blue where as opponents blade is highlighted in red. Player should slice their own fruits while avoiding the opponent’s fruits.

Clash of Clans Storyline

Clash of Clans is an amazing game from Supercell where you get to control a wide range of troops and engage in brutal battles. The game even though is largely based on managing your resources and building troops, a lot of strategic elements have been implemented into it. Players have to be really agile in order to win because if you simply storm in with your troops, you will lose your position because not all troops are strong against every defensive building. Whenever you deal with battles, take your time to plan your move. There are land and air troops which if combined in the right style would give you a strategic advantage in the battlefield.
clash12Learn Your Defenses
Before you try to attack your enemy and destroy them completely, it is important to know how the defenses work in Clash of Clans. Unless and until you learn how to secure your town hall, it is not easy to go against opponents because it is unsafe to leave your village open for any attacks. There are multiple base formations which you can choose to go for, based on the one that best fits your requirements. The standard base is where the town hall will be the farthest corner whereas the other buildings will follow suit in a parallel line and covered with walls on the sides. However, it is also important to note that walls can be broken down by giants and there could be air raids as well. Use buildings that will take care of air attacks done using dragons or other troops. Similarly, keep archers below to secure your wall. Clash of clans hack is used to provide you free gems and it can be very useful.
The other types of bases include pocketed base, large pocketed, bulkhead and the split base. Among them all, the split base is the weakest of them all. Instead of constructing all your buildings together, you will be grouping your troops in two different lots. They are quite vulnerable to giants but the advantage you gain is that you keep two sides, which makes it tough for the enemy to focus. Strategically place the town hall and the resources on the top which will take a long time for the opponent to reach before which you can take some measures to stop their movement.
Defensive Formations
In the pocketed base style in Clash of Clans, you will have to keep the town hall in the center and surround it with resource buildings followed by the defensive and offensive buildings. The large pocketed is the same formation but instead of a small circle it will be much bigger and will allow you to expand your horizons. The bulk head design is done by segregating buildings into different categories whereas the split base has already been discussed above. Each one of them has its fair share of pros and cons, but the advantages are always many which is why they have been suggested here. Create a design that best suits the type of village that you are creating and you are sure to win every battle with ease.